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Hohenzollern castle



Hello there! My name is Clara Manu. Since many years I have been working as professional tour guide, firstly in 2008 in Brazil (Salvador da Bahia)  and since 2017 in Germany (Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg), mainly in Munich and the Bodensee area (Constance and Lindau). 

My experience as tour guide derives from a long-term partnership with local tour-operators in Brazil and Germany and since 2022 also with online providers.

Beyond my mother language, portuguese, I also speak fluent german (after living so many years in the country). I also speak english, french and spanish on intermediate levels.


On my tours we will adress to topics related to the local and the national politics, the local history, arts and gastronomy, as well as its people and traditions.

About the transportation:

Many of my tours are walking tours or city-tours using public transportation (such as bus, metro, train, boat, and taxi if necessary),

I do not have a car. But I can accompany you in your vehicle, or I can arrange for a partner Chouffer-Service extra,

Contact me for a personalized offer!

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Clara Manu

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