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Private Tour Cachoeira & Santo Amaro


Recôncavo is the concave region at the other board of the All-Saints Bay. Today industrial centre in the state of Bahia, the region also hides stories of a glorious economic past and resistance against Portugal influences.
The region used to be one of the main exporters of sugar, tobacco and manioc of the colony and during the independence war, Cachoeira resisted against the Portuguese troops, reason why it is also called Cachoeira “heroic”.

First stop at Santo Amaro, homeland of Caetano Veloso and Maria Bethania, pioneers of the tropicalism movement in the 70ies. Visit to the local market and walking tour.

Continuation to Cachoeira, at the shore of the Paraguaçu river. Short walking tour and stop for lunch. In the afternoon visit to the famous cigarette fabric, Dannemann at Sao Felix.

As an alternative to Dannemann we can visit the atelier from the german expressionist painter Hansen Bahia.

Sitio Santa Barbara Hansen Bahia
View over Cachoeira
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