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Private Tour Neuschwanstein Castle & Schwangau

The Bavarian Alps is one of the most beautiful places to see in Germany. From Munich you travel to Schwangau in Allgäu and visit its biggest attraction: The Neuschwanstein Castle


At the board between Germany and Áustria, the Neuschwanstein Castle reflects the idea of Beauty in the XIX century: In a time of historicism, the return to the classics such as neo-barrok, neo-gothik, neu-romanesque and also the romantic flairof the moment, culminanted in the fantasy of the young King Ludwig II of Bavaria. Great supporter and patron of the arts, Ludwig materialized in "his"castle Neuschwanstein (nobody lived there neither before nor after him) the mythology of the Sagas of the middle-age and also the art of the XIX century, architecture, music and theatre.

A day-tour to Allgäu may also have a stop in Oberammergau and have time to visit the wood cavern shops. If you want to bring something from the south of Germany for you or for your friends, it can be an wood carvern art.

Neuschwanstein castle
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